Audio Club Foley Session #2: Hit Stuff Day

Here at Audio Club, we enjoyed our last Foley session so much that another one just had to happen. Logically, of course, Studio D was once again chosen for our location. However, this time around, we engaged in the not so delicate art of banging on whatever we could find. The Dropbox link to the audio can be found below. I’ve edited out the long sections of talk, but still kept some of the superfluous hits. I’m doing everything for you, but have fun:



We know exactly what we’re doing.



Fall 2013 Break Stuff Day – The Studio is OK

Breaking stuff? Audio Club broke stuff?

Yeah, we did.

And there’s audio, but let’s expand on that.

Last quarter, Audio Club propelled themselves into the studio once again to get a little crazy. A first for us all, our members collected a variety of metals, glasses, etc, and joined forces to host a rather exciting Foley session. We hit buckets. We hit lamps. We made our ears bleed (Well, for those in the live room. Poor souls. At least they enjoyed their pain.). But most importantly, we broke stuff, and no piece of glass was spared. Fun was had all around.

I’ve included what we recording in the Dropbox link found below, and anyone and everyone can use it for free. It won’t be up forever, so get it while you can:



A professional glass killer



And no one had any idea.


What To Expect

Welcome, everyone, to the official WordPress page of Audio Club! In the spirit of getting to the point, have a list of some of the content you should expect to see posted here:

•Audio Club meeting photos

•News and updates for future events and sessions

•Audio from recording sessions


•Links to students’ music that attend AIS

•Interesting articles/pages from the Facebook page

Exciting? Enthralling? Exuberating? Yeah, all of those, but I don’t need to tell you three times. Just keep an eye out for more to come.